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Comings and goings

Posted: 8th Jul 2016

Today I am thinking mostly about goings, as today is the last day for one of our members in the coworking space who is leaving after a short stay, but who has made a big impact here. And next week, one of our original teams who signed up to work here with us when we opened is closing down operations and moving to another city.

I am used to these comings and goings in my life, both mine and others, but some of these seem to impact a little more. A few of us were talking earlier this morning about the current events in the world, and how incomprehensible some of it is. We were remembering other times in the past when major, life-changing events happened, and all the intense feelings that came following on the events. I suppose it is that sense of general uncertainty and the remembered emotion that makes me want to hold on to that which does seem understandable and lovely a little more, and as a result feel their leaving a little more keenly.

Big changes often come in packs of events and types, and this time of this year is no different – lots of changes happening globally as well as locally. I am trying to be more aware of the impact of all these changes, and treat myself and others more gently: listen longer and with more empathy, try to find the way to laughter, guide conversations towards silver linings, and feel the ground beneath my feet regularly and with purpose.

Each day I am trying to be fully present with the people I share such a wonderful working environment, because they bring me hope every day. I also am grateful for the people I share boat rides across the sound each day, with their regular company, easy conversations, and our joy in sharing water light and the ever-changing maritime beauty of Plymouth.

This weekend, I am looking forward to spending time with long-time friends who have shared so much personal and family history that being with them fills my soul right back up again, and sends all those fears of uncertainty right back into the winds of time. Longtime friends who sustain over miles and time prove that hope is worth having, and remind me that silver linings can be found everywhere, every day.

So that is the wish I am sending out to all of you today, that amidst all the uncertainty and incomprehensible events, take time for yourself, and treat yourself and others with kindness and maybe a little more patience. We all need to keep our feet on the ground and our hearts safe and open.

With love, Sabrina

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Comings and goings Comings and goings

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