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Lyon from the beginning

Posted: 9th Oct 2016

Yesterday we wandered up to the oldest part of the City, the roman ruins dating from about 44 BC. One of the reasons Lyon is a UNESCO World Heritage site is due to the fact that every era of the city’s settlement from Roman times still exists and can be traced up to the present. Unlike most places in the world that have been settled for a long time, there has been a minimal amount of destruction (environmental or man-made, relatively speaking) which necessitated rebuilding on top of previous settlements. Therefore, so much of the city as it was built up over time is still intact.

It is not a fabulous photo as it was a bit hazy in the morning, but I love this view from the site of the roman city looking out across the rest of Lyon to the skyscrapers built in recent decades, encompassing almost all of the cities heritage. The other photos include columns in the main remaining amphitheatre, autumn foliage nearby, some of the narrow winding streets in the Vieux Lyon which forms the hillside tumbling down from the Roman city site, and a view looking back up the hill in Vieux Lyon towards the ruins.

Oh, and the gateau: part of Pete’s obligation is to have weekly lunchtime meals with his academic colleagues. On Friday they had a special day and there was an extra spot for lunch and since I was available, I got to come along. At each lunch, the chef comes out to describe the meal beforehand, and then we are presented with a starter, wine, main course, dessert, and then coffee. This was dessert, layers of pistachio and raspberry amazingness. Lucky for us we had a tour of the neighbourhood afterwards, so we got to walk it all off for a couple of hours. 🙂 Really, the things I have to do.

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Lyon from the beginning Lyon from the beginning Lyon from the beginning Lyon from the beginning Lyon from the beginning Lyon from the beginning

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