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Plymouth Wayfarer is in France!

Posted: 20th Sep 2016

Plymouth Wayfarer has gone wayfaring across the channel for a short while! We are in Lyon, France until mid 2017, and will continue to share stories about France, as well as continuing to share information about activities in Plymouth England as well.

Lyon is at the confluence of two rivers, much like Plymouth, although it is well inland, and not influenced by tides and other maritime characteristics. There is one pub, the Elephant and Castle, run by an Italian, which shows all the football matches. Lyon is mostly flat, until the surrounding steep hills encroach, which makes bicycle riding very common and easy to do. Instead of taking the Mount Batten Ferry to work each day, I ride a bicycle along the Rhône River 15 minutes to reach the centre of town. There are fresh food markets most days of the week, and a boulangerie to buy fresh bread at the end of the block. I’ll share many more adventures soon!

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Plymouth Wayfarer is in France! Plymouth Wayfarer is in France!

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