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Sunday Strolling

Posted: 17th Oct 2016

Yesterday was the type of Sunday I am coming to love. Thankfully the sun was shining and it was just the right amount of warm. Late morning we headed off on our velos (our city-bicycles that we pick up at one of dozens of stations all around Lyon) up the river path towards the farmers market on the banks of the Rhône River. These markets in the centre of town are much bigger than our smaller neighbourhood markets, so it is fun to visit them for a change. We saw so much delicious looking food, but managed to focus on on the few bits we needed that are in season, such as tomatoes, pears and apples, plus our daily baguette, and not get distracted by the fresh cheeses and bowls of olives, and all the prepared foods, and, and….Following a small lunch, we allowed ourselves a single scoop from our favourite organic ice cream place afterwards. Whilst eating the cones of wonderfulness, we wandered our way back across the Saône river where we ran into the other food market. Oh yes, we needed some wine! So we found someone selling wines from his nearby vineyard which fit nicely in Pete’s backpack pocket.

After another block we found a velo spot so we hopped on some bicycles and pedalled down the Saône river (rather than the Rhône, which is our usual path) and ended up at the modern development at the Confluences. We learned about the movies at the local cinema shown in VO (version originale: key when you want to see American/English movies in English language rather than dubbed in French), and then hopped back on the bicycles for the last leg home. Each of these bicycle journeys took around 15 minutes, which since we have a 30 minute limit before we get charged is just perfect.

Now for Sunday’s evening meal we are about to make a tart with fresh fruit, a large salad with fresh leaves and tomatoes, and some fish and the vegetables from the markets of the last few days. Fresh, delicious, and a lovely way to end a completely relaxing and uneventful day. Not bad, eh?

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